Best ever chicken sandwiches for lunch…

TOP of today’s to-do list is get more traction for Monday’s Blues’n2s episode with my guest Charlie Parr.

I create some more graphic content and social media posts then work on a Facebook ad – there’s no financial gain from the Blues’n2s series, so I can’t justify spending much . I budget £2 a day for three days.

I suddenly remember I’m giving a Skype guitar lesson and quickly set up. The lesson goes well.

We need some bits and bobs from the village shop. I go and pick them up and take Betty’s paper along to her.

Back home I grab a couple of chicken thighs, coat them in seasoned flour and put ‘rm in the air fryer. I’ve done chicken legs like this before, but Margaret wasn’t keen…so I thought I’d try this. The resulting chicken sandwiched are a winner…and at 20 minutes from start to finish it makes for a quick snack.

There’s some sale diagrams to be made up for my Skype guitar student. I’ve started adding them to a resources section on my guitar lessons website and give the landing page a wee update while I’m at it. I also tweak the search engine optimisation and post round some Facebook pages.

In the kitchen I marinade some meat for tonights’ Vietnamese beef then prepare some ribs and chicken for the smoker tomorrow. I capture the lot on video for my forthcoming Cookin’ up the Blues livestream series.

While the meat’s marinading I go for a walk up the lochside and do a couple of livestream updates plugging Monday’s Blues’n’2s.

Dinner works well then we watch a couple of films on Amazon Prime…Vinyl about a bunch of old bandmates who reform and get a bunch of kids to ‘front’ the music, then Green Book – the adventures of a touring classical concert pianist and his driver. Prossibly one of the best films I’ve seen.