The ribs turn out good… 🙂

OUR pal Keiran is coming with a window guy to see what can be done about our entrance hall/conservatory. The window frames are rotten, a couple of the old double glazed panes are blown. Oh, and the cladding is rotten too.

We have no cash to spend on repairs, but if we don’t do something about this the house is gonna fall down around us. It needs sorted before winter for sure.

Margaret’s holed up in the office doing some reports for the local community trust. As well as secretary, it appears she’s now treasurer, chair, and – basically – everything. It’s great to do stuff for the community and be involved, but since lockdown the community trust stuff has pushed our own business aside.

Margaret ordered an extra section for our fire guard so we can use it int he garden to stop Freya wandering away. I fix the brackets outside and it looks like a good solution.

After lunch I re-bury a couple of feet of cat6 cable that’s come to the surface in the driveway. I’d only covered the cable with stones there hoping it would do, but it needs dug in. It’s easier than I expect and all one in half an hour.

I get the smoker fired up for tonight’s ribs then get them on, capturing the process on video for the net Facebook livestream series.

When the ribs only have an hour or two to go I put the chicken thighs on – they’ll be used for tomorrow’s jambalaya and the rest can go in the freezer.

The ribs turn out well and we sit and eat just as the BBC documentary about Rockfield Studios in Wales starts. It’s followed by a doc about Robbert Plant….