On Friday I’ll be playing a livestream concert on Founders Facebook page…

AFTER setting up a Facebook ‘event’ for next Monday’s Blues’n’2s with Tom Jordan I create some graphics and start spreading the word.

There’s also a bit of promo to do for Friday’s Founders livestream concert and Facebook takeover.

I started adding some lyrics to my songs via Musixmatch but they still haven’t appeared when adding music to an Instagram story…I add a couple more and get in touch with them to add a cover image to my Musixmatch page and also check that I’m submitting lyrics properly. Seems all’s in order – just that some of the social media and streaming services can take a while to update their databases and make the lyrics available.

Our pal David drops by to fix our bathroom lights then I head out for a walk up the lochside, stopping off at Betty and Joe’s to say hello and pick up Margaret.