AFTER breakfast I add a few more sets of lyrics to Musixmatch. They’re still not available on social media channels, but I may as well upload as many as I can and be prepared.

I’m hoping it might help with song/artist/lyric/artist identification on platforms like Alexa and Google Home.

I take a break and check our supplies in freezers and fridges inside and out then we plan our meals for the next couple of weeks and make a list for Margaret to go shopping.

While she’s away I start setting up the studio for Friday’s livestream to Founders’ Facebook page. There’s a lot of cabling needed and when I dig into the cable bag I find an intolerable tangle of leads. Not only are they all mixed up and tangled, I;m not sure they’re all good. I order a cable tester online and set about untangling and sorting them – and adding. velcro cable ties to all.

Between the untangling and setting up sound for Friday, it takes the entire afternoon.

Margaret comes back after dropping off some shopping for Betty and we unpack and put away all the stuff.

Next I start making the rice cakes for tonight’s tteobokki. Until now I’ve used frozen rice cakes, but I’m keen to try making them fresh. I mix mutinous rice flour with regular rice flour, a little salt and some water then knead my dough. I think I’ve added a little too much water and the dough is a bit sticky but I steam it for 20 minutes to see how it fares.

The resulting dough is still a bit sticky and it’s not easy to roll into long, thin sausages before cutting up into neat wee cylinders. I make the tteobokki sauce using some leftoverKorean stock I made a while back and put in the freezer and make sure that I scale down the gotchujang hot chilli paste. I;ve made this three times – first time with homemade stock/sauce and twice with a shop-bought sauce. Every time it’s been extremely spicy and Margaret couldn’t eat it!

Despite the rustic rice cakes, tonight’s effort is the best yet and we both enjoy it…the rice cakes are a bit on the goo-ey side of the desired gummy texture, but it’s a start!