My first attempt at Bo Kho (Vietnamese beef stew) is a success 🙂

I GET outta bed at a reasonable time and get a batch of cheese and chorizo egg bites into the Instant Pot.

By the time we’re up and sorted out, the egg bites are ready. The next two batches to go in are sun-dried tomato, feta and basil…makes sense to make a load at once as (a) it uses all the cottage cheese rather than it being put back in the fridge and forgotten bout ’til it’s off and (b) the clean up is no more for three batches than one!

Once the egg bites are done I bag them up for the freezer then split a big pack of stewing steak for the freezer keeping one portion back for tonight’s Bo Kho…my first attempt at making Vietnamese beef stew.

Once done, I move onto the flank steak. Three bits for the freezer and one for my first attempt (yup, another first!) at making beef jerky. I mix soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and oregano, slice up the beef and put it in the fridge to marinade. The new air fryer has a dehydrate function that I tested with an apple the other day…so the next logical step is to try making jerky! I’ll put it in before bed to run overnight.

I realise I’ve spent the entire morning in the kitchen and it’s now time to make lunch!

After lunch I play some guitar in the studio then our pal Sandy drops by the garden for a chat and coffee.

I spend some more time in the studio then go for a walk. When I get back, Margaret’s nipped along to see Betty, so I start preparing dinner.

By luck, I have all the ingredients for the Bo Kho – many residing in my ‘pho box’ of spices. The entire dish – apart from the rice noodles – is done in the Instant Pot.

Although daunting to look at written down, the recipe is pretty straightforward and turns out a success. Margaret really likes it…I reckon it’s a bit too tender and coulda done with a little less cooking time.

After eating we watch a little telly then I put the marinaded beef into the air fryer to, hopefully, create jerky overnight!