I HAVE A bunch of merch orders I wanna get packed, postage printed and dropped at the post box before the last pickup at midday.

After breakfast I nip down to the post box then get busy promoting Monday’s Blues’n2s before Catriona, Freya and Aaron arrive, closely followed by Matty.

Matty goes out for a run and we hang out for a while then I go and tidy up the studio and all the abandoned gear from last night’s livestream. Once done, I set about testing all the XLR and jack cables in the studio and gig backs. There’s a load of them.

I find three duds and bin them then go out for a quick walk. The rain comes on not long after I leave the house, so it’s a short walk.

Back in the studio I update some gig listings – my show at Borders Blues Club in September has been cancelled and they’ve offered a support slot next September. I guess we’ll be saying no to that one as I’ll (hopefully) be on tour in the USA and I’m not sure a support slot at a small club is a great fit with my gig/tour strategy.

I’m making mushroom risotto later, but Matty doesn’t;t like it, so Margaret’s making him mac and cheese which he has before Freya goes to bed.

Once everything’s settled down I make the risotto for Catriona, Margaret and myself – Matty has more mac and cheese and we sit and chat the rest of the night.