THERE’S a bit of a queue for the shower this morning but soon everyone’s up and having breakfast.

I decamp to the studio and get some work done. As part of my ongoing mission to get Alexa to recognise my name and play my music, I’d emailed Amazon artist relations and an email’s come in advising me to get them to call me. I do…and am on a phonic all for about 90-minutes!

Then problem is still not solved but a ticket has been raised and the problem escalated, so fingers crossed we might see some progress in solving.

We hang out in the garden with Catriona, Freya, Aaron and Matty for a while then they all head off. I’m knackered and have a kip on the sofa then go back to the studio while Margaret prepares dinner…we’re taking some grub along to Betty and Joe’s tonight.

After dinner we watch Billy’s regular Sunday night livestream for a while with Betty and Joe then make our way home and watch the end of it with a dram.