Click above to watch episode four of Blues’n’2s with special guest Tom Jordan

STRAIGHT onto promo for tonight’s (Monday) Blues’n’2s with my special guest and pal Tom Jordan.

Oddly, it seems Facebook won’t let me ‘invite friends’ to the event. The ‘share’ menu has no dropdown options…I message Tom and a few key folks and ask them to share the event to help make up for the lack of invitations. Later on I notice on my phone that I can invite people from the mobile app. Weird.

After lunch I download the public beta version of iOS for the iPad and my phone. There’s some really cool new features and I don’t want to wait ’til it’s fully released in September! Anyone can access the beta versions but there’s a caveat that some features may not work as intended – and some apps won’t work properly as the developers are unlikely to have updated them to work with iOS/ipadOS 14.

While all the techie stuff’s downloading and updating I play some guitar and try out some new ideas, looking to R L Burnside for some inspiration.

I’m doing a connection test with my pal Ted in Nashville – he’s going to be my guest for the fin al episode of Blues’n’2 in two weeks’ time. There’s time for a walk up the lochside tho’ – so I get some fresh air before setting up. Makes sense to do the test before an actual episode as the set up is the same.

All goes well with Ted then I get ready for tonight’s livestream episode with Tom.

I think this one is the best yet form a technical and sound point of view. Finally getting the hang of what works and what doesn’t…and Tom is a good guest.

We’re done by 9pm then I have some tidying up before dinner.