WE’RE having a new electricity meter put in later in the week and a reminder pops up in the diary to make sure there’s access.

I grab some gloves and a pair of secateurs and clear all he brambles and other thorny, jaggy things that have grown round the cabinet.

It’s like opening a can of worms tho’ – after clearing the aforementioned space I trim another couple of overgrown bushes, cut back the ivy growth and cut the grass. Better to get ti all done before the rain comes and the wind means there’s no midges.

After some lunch I set up a Facebook event for the next episode of Blues’n’2s featuring my pal and special guest Ismo Haavisto.

In the studio I play a little guitar then brave the winds and go for a walk up the lochside.

Betty’s bought some salmon which I cook Asian style with cold soba noodles for us and Betty and Joe…I run along with Betty and Joe’s while ours finishes cooking then home in time to dish it up. Nice, even if I do say so myself!