AMONGST my morning messages is a note form the village shop – and chance I ‘m available tis afternoon to help out for a few hours? Yes, of course!

It’s cool, but means my plans for the day will need to be juggled a bit. Also, it’s the first time I’ve pulled on. pair of jeans since lockdown at the end of March. I manage to fasten the waistband, but let’s just say they’re a little tight!

I picked up a load of stuff when shopping yesterday that all needs prepped – pork and turkey thigh mince for breakfast patties, pork shoulder for Andouille sausage, beef mince for a a few burgers and chicken thighs for Friday and Sunday. It all needs done today ‘cos the outside fridge – where we keep these big packs of meat – is playing funny buggers again and freezing everything.

First on the list is the breakfast patties.If the meat gets frozen, then I have to cook them all before re-freezing. thankfully it’s not yet frozen and a batch of breakfast patties duly prepared.

Next, Andouiile sausage – and the process needs to by caught on video for my upcoming Cookin’ Up the Blues livestream series. I bought two bits of pork shoulder and which are cut up and separated into two batches – the fattier stuff for the sausage and lean bits frozen for future pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole.

It’s a fair bit of work.

Once the pork is sorted I need to make the flavouring mix and combine it with Prague Power #1 – ut there’s not enough cajun spice mix left, meaning I have to spend valuable time making another batch.

In between times I make , and eat, some lunch. Then mix the pork and herbs/spices to rest in the fridge before mincing later. The rest of the food prep’s gonna have to wait ’til I get back from the shop.

I’m home by 6.30pm and get stuck run back in the kitchen. First job, mince the pork mix and put the dogskin sausage casing in to soak overnight.

Margaret’s got a local community trust meeting which tykes her away for a couple of hours. By the time she’s back the chicken’s rubbed ready for the smoker tomorrow, a few blue cheese burgers made up and a load of Alabama white sauce whisked up to go with the chicken.

It’s after 10pm when we have dinner then both of us fall asleep in front of the telly, waking at 2.30am to fumble our way to bed.