A screen grab from my Love it like a local video for the National Park….

WE SLEEP in a little after our 3am shot.

After breakfast I set up the studio for a photo session – I’m helping my pal Keiran with a simple website selling facemasks and need some photos.

The space is configured just as Sam, Eve and Rhys arrive and we fire off a bunch of photos with a green screen so I can change the backgrounds to suit the web design and social media content.

Once done, Sam and I sit at the computer and register a domain name and connect it to some server space I’ve already set for a couple of their other projects.

Next job is editing some video for the National Park’s Love it like a local anti-litter campaign. I’m not convinced asking folks to take their litter home is the right approach..I suspect we need more bins in the area and they be emptied more often. Anyway, I don’t wanna argue and take their strategy in good faith as I suspect they know a little more about litter management than I do…and the likely multitude of reasons behind their decision to try this approach.

Once done and emailed off I go through some of the photos from the earlier session, pull out the ones I like best and start preparing them for online use.

Times dragging on and I want a walk before it gets too dark. The lochside’s still busy…

Back home I prepare some chicken thighs for the smoker tomorrow (Sunday) – the kids are coming out for a ‘family day’ – then we have dinner and my first alcohol-free day for months. Actually, technically it’s not ‘cos I was still drinking at 2am this morning!

Not only do I have to do something about my expanding belly, but we can’t afford to be drinking every night. Plus, I have a plan…