Mikey, Harriet and I go a walk up the lochside…

AFTER breakfast there’s a load of work to get through before the kids and partners arrive for a ‘family day’ to celebrate Matty striating his first probationary teaching post.

In between times I get chicken on the smoker and marinade some flank steaks for the grill.

Everyone starts arriving around 1pm and we have a grand afternoon of food, drink and chat.

Later on Mikey, Harriet and I go for a walk up the lochside.

When we get back Catriona, Will and the kids have left…Mikey and Harriet head off soon after. Matty’s staying over…I go to the studio and get a little more work done then we chill for a while before an early night.

While brushing my teeth I spot what I think is some tummy button fluff – but it won’t come out. On closer inspection, looks like it might be a tick. Margaret investigates and sure enough, it is a tick…out with the tick removal tool. How the fuck did it get to my tummy button. Wee bastard!

We preserve the tiny tick between two bits of sellotape and mark it with the date…just in case it needs tested in the future!