LOTS of ‘day-of-show’ promo to be done for tonight’s episode of Blues’n’2s – extra graphics and lots of social media posting.

I have a slide guitar workshop with one of my online students which uses up an hour, then I’m back on the promo.

I’d noticed our phone bill was higher than it should eb and it turns out our calling plan changed when we moved over to fibre. Margaret calls them while I’m busy and not only gets the plan changed, but also a refund of the significant call charges!

Catriona, Freya and Aaron drop by for a quick visit to pick up some stuff left behind yesterday.

After lunch I work on the images I took for Keiran’s facemark website then set up a selfie photo featuring my new signature strings from Newton Strings…and the t-shirt they sent me 🙂

I take some gear to the house and set up for the Blues’n’2s livestream then have time for a quick walk in the woods where I do a couple livestreams trailing tonight’s show.

Back home, the Blues’n’2s livestream (see it above) goes well…then I tidy up and we have dinner.

This my third day off the beer, so instead of sitting watching a film, I do a little more work on the facemask website.