MARGARET’S off into Glasgow early – the car’s due a service. And there’s a funny noise coming from the front offside wheel…sounds a bit like something to do with brakes to me.

I’m trying to leave my laptop in the studio and do all my work form there, so instead of blogging while I have breakfast I watch some YouTube videos on the telly. I’m keen to find out more about types and advantages of eBikes.

In the studio, I note down some ideas for an advert soundtrack idea then get on with Keiran’s Facemask website.

Margaret’s picking up some shopping while in Glasgow and calls to say the car’s costing a whopping £860. Jeez. I hope my next livestream concert is well supported!

I have a shift in the village shop today (hooray!) from 5pm ’til closing (10pm). It’s pouring with rain, so the shop’s pretty quiet.

I’m home before 10.30pm and have some leftover flank steak and chips out the air fryer then watch a little telly before bed. Phew!