I’M keen to get Keiran’s facemask website running asap…it’s pretty much ready to go, but I’d like to set up ApplePay as a payment option.

I’ve done it on a load of sites before, including my own, but for some reason the script validating the site is not being recognised.

After going over and over the install and researching online I give up for the time being…I’ve a shift in the village shop from early afternoon ’til close (10pm) and need to get a bunch of other stuff done before I go.

It’s a nice day, and non-stop in the shop the whole time.

When I get home I have a snack – I’d made some sandwiches to eat on the fly in the shop – and create a website holding page and some email addresses for Mikey’s handyman business. Margaret’s been doing all his accounts and invoices and reckons it’s time to start using a more ‘official’ email address.

It’s nearly midnight and Margaret’s still in the office working on stuff for the local community trust…that’s a full day and more today!

I’ve realised the script upload to the facemask website is failing because the destination folder is locked on the server. I get in touch with the hosting company (online chat as it’s late!). They’re normally really good, but I get a dough ball who doesn’t quite grasp the issue. I ask him to raise a support ticket and escalate my request to someone in the support team who can help. It’s nearly 1am, I’m tired, frustrated and in no mood to suffer fools gladly!