The blueberries are coming on good – glad I took the time to make a new netting frame to protect them from the birds 🙂

STRAIGHT to the studio after breakfast and I get the decks cleared before Skyping my guitar student in Dublin for his weekly lesson.

We always have a good natter too, which means the half-hour becomes nearly an hour…I enjoy it tho’ – he’s a good student and a really interesting guy.

After a long chat with an advisor from the Energy Saving Trust about help with eBike purchase, I make some fried chicken sandwiches for lunch. In the air fryer, of course.

Keiran’s wife is coming along later in the afternoon to go through some stuff for the facemasks website, so I take the chance to do some more work on the recording project I’m getting into.

I’d hoped to squeeze in a walk, but I get engrossed in the music and Sam is here before I know it.

There’s a few technical difficulties to overcome with the website, but she likes it and I help her put some future social media stuff in place.

Back home I make a big pot of red beans and rice with Andouille sausage and tasso ham then drop some off for Betty and Joe before dashing home to eat ours.

I get back on the facemasks website, finally sitting down to watch a little telly before bed.