Last folks standing…but only just!

WE’RE up at a decent time to drive down to Prestwick and drop off a bed at Matty’s new flat.

It’s around 11.30am when we roll up – Catriona and the kids are already there.

We take the bed in and get some of it put together then go out for a walk and pick up some stuff for lunch.

Soon after 3pm we start heading for home, stopping off in Glasgow to get a little bit of shopping and some fuel.

I spend a few hours working on Keiran’s facemasks website. I circumvent the problems caused by the SSL certificate by deleting the entire site from the server and rebuilding it, making sure the Apple ‘ownership’ scripts are uploaded before the SSL certificate. I make some solid progress before we head along to Martyn and Louise’s for an evening of food and drink in their garden.

We have a great night. Margaret’s driving and I end up a bit wobbly…she has to put me to bed when we get home!