JEEZ – bad head this morning. First hangover I’ve had in a long while. ‘Suppose that’s what happens after six alcohol-free days (yup, six!!!) then a bellyful!

A shower a couple of cups of coffee and a good breakfast sort me out and I hit the office to do some more work on the facemasks website. It’s pretty much good to go – then I design a quick logo and start on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

I’d ordered various tools of tape to repair the zip seam on the PVC ‘greenhouse thing I bough form Amazon a month or so ago. The seam had split a little at the side of one of the zips…it was gonna be a real pain to dismantle the thing and send it back, so the supplier agreed a generous percentage refund. Some YouTube research threw up a good method of repair…and how to prevent it happening anywhere else at the cost of about tenner’s-worth of tape, so I ordered some green painters’ tape and green duct tape.

It’s been a nice, dry day, so late afternoon I take a break from all the online and website-related stuff and we tackle the repair, getting most of it done. One of the rolls of tape runs out, tho’ – I order another roll for delivery tomorrow (Monday) and we’ll get it finished then.

By the time dinner’s ready, I’ve got the facemasks website and social media sorted. We sit down to eat and watch Bill Mullen’s weekly livestream from Florida…