UP early and off to a good start.

First job on the list is to get a quote for the eBike I fancy that I can send to the Energy Savings Trust. I call the supplier, discuss options/prices and availability. The bike likely won’t be available until November or December, but that’s OK – I’m in no hurry and, if all the Energy Savings Trust stuff is approved, I’ll get a head start on any interest-free payments.

Next up, I need to create ‘day-of-event’ graphics for tonight’s final episode in my Blues’n’2s series and then spread ti round all the usual social media.

I have a session with one of my online guitar students on Zoom which goes well, then Sam comes up so I can take her through the facemasks website and Facebook/Instagram stuff I;ve now got all set up. You can see the website here.

After a quick lunch I go out for a walk and grab some drone footage over the loch and out to the islands.

Back home I hit the studio and do some more work on the wee instrumental piece I’m messing with until it’s time to set up for tonight’s Blues’n’2s livestream.

All goes to plan and Ted is a great guest.

It’s 10pm when we sit down to dinner…I get a little more work done after we eat then an early-ish night….