WE’D expected rain today, but it’s a nice morning. After breakfast I finish repairs to the zips on the low-level PVC ‘greenhouse’ housing our tomato plants and various other crops.

Back in front of the computer I fill in loan forms for the Energy Savings Trust in the hope that I can find a way to finance in eBike.

After creating a landing page on my website promoting Monday’s livestream, I make up a Facebook ad and throw £2 a day at it int he hope of increasing visibility and traction.

I have another shift in the shop this afternoon/evening so head out for a walk through the forest before lunch.

My eight hour shift in the shop is busy. It’s a long haul on your Tod with no breaks, but I can’t complain – it’ll bring in a. little much-needed dosh at the end of the month.

I’m home by 10.30pm, fix myself a snack and Strat writing up a news release to promote Monday’s livestream. It’s a bit more involved this time as the press has already given me good pre-livestream coverage so I need to create more of a story round it…