I set up a quick selfie to promote the upcoming Cookin’ Up The Blues livestream series

ONCE I get the news release about Monday’s livestream finished I fire it out to selected media contacts

I get a few immediate replies which is nice. The Daily Record can run something – a small piece about the livestream this week (space is tight!)...or something a bit bigger next week trailing the Cookin’ Up The Blues series. I opt for next week’s option and set up a selfie that’s a bit more relevant to that story than the Smokehead photo I sent out with the original news release.

John Murray at K107FM in Fife has asked me to call in live to his show at 1.30pm to chat about it all. I have a quick lunch and call in – we have a nice on-air chat for 15 minutes and John finishes of the piece by giving Nine Pound Hammer a spin.

The weeds between the house and the studio have mostly died of since my weed killer binge a week or so ago, but there’s a few survivors. I finish off the weedkiller on them.

Finally I get into the studio to do some more work on the instrumental piece I’m working on. After a few tweaks I do a rough mix of a version with and without a vocal and put them on my phone to listen to and go out for a walk up the lochside in the sunshine.

It’s time to cook dinner when I get home – then our pals Frank and Rachael from Derry who are passing though drop by for a visit and some socially distanced drinks in the garden.