THERE’S some website stuff to be looked at for my pal Rab – not all to be actioned now, but I need to check through and make some recommendations.

In the studio, I start trying to move things around in preparation for Monday’s livestream…looking to try a different approach to the audio.

I still favour the one microphone acoustic approach, but Margaret prefers a plugged in sound. Plus, ‘going electric’ makes it a bit different for folks watching. We did that for the first time on the last full-length concert livestream nd although it seemed to work quite well, taking an output form a mixer and putting it straight out on the Internet doesn’t sit well with me. It’s like DI-ing an entire gig!

This time, I’ll try setting up a small PA system int he lives room of the studio and having an ambient mic picking up the mix. It won’t have to be ear-splitting volume, just enough to give everything a lift…and will take the guesswork and unreliability of firing out an audio mix that’s only been monitored on headphones. It should ‘put the air back’ into the sound.

Shortage of space might cause a problem. so I wanna set up and test before Monday.

I have a shift in the village shop form early afternoon right through ’til close (10pm) and run out of time setting up in the studio. I’ll get back on it tomorrow (Friday).

The village is mobbed and I’m on a solo shift…eight hours straight, no breaks, relentless! But at least it make the time pass quickly and brings in a a few much-needed £’s.

I’m home by 10.30pm, prepare a snack and big glass of water. Still trying to stay of the beer/wine/whisky in the house unless we have folks round…managed 11 alcohol-free days over the last two weeks – something that’s not happened since I was about 17!