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I WAKE up forgetting it’s my birthday until I come back from the bog and Margaret has a present and card waiting for me. Fifty-six. How’d that happen so quick? (I think I say that every year!)

After breakfast I hit the studio and set up for an online guitar lesson with one of myself students. Once done, I spend some time going through the Facebook birthday wishes and trying to acknowledge as many as possible before lunch.

There’s a nice full page feature on yours truly in the Stirling Observer.Page three. I’m delighted that the effort into making a story round the upcoming livestream/s has paid off 🙂

Back in the studio I start setting up the live room for Monday;s livestream – then realise I want to make take some photos and video footage of Smokehead’s new product which launches on Sunday and will feature in my livestream on Monday.

Getting things lit and set up the way I see in my head is challenging, but I get a load of photos taken and some of the video set up down before it’s time to head to Catriona and Will’s. We’re going for the night and celebrating both my, and Will’s mum’s, birthdays.

We have fantastic night eating, drinking and chatting in the garden, then sit round the fire pit with a dram.