We go a wander round Burncrook reservoir…

I HAVE a wee bit of a hangover! And when I wake up there’s a message from Martyn to see if I wanna go a walk. I do.

After breakfast he picks me up and we head out towards the Whangie, park up and go a walk up to and round Burncrook reservoir.

Back home I get all the sound set ups for tomorrow’s (Monday) livestream then work on the lighting and space setup. We’ll do a test stream this evening to see how it all fares. Rather than putting everything out straight from the mixer – which means you can;’ properly hear the mix – I’ve set up a PA and an ambient mic.

I nip back tot he house and prepare a pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole with the pork I accidentally defrosted the other day then we go back to the studio and do the test livestream. All seems to work fairly well 🙂

I time dinner so it’s ready in time to watch our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida then I do a little more work – I’ve found a scam Facebook event that it trying to sell tickets for tomorrow’s livestream and divert folks to watch it on a paid platform. I spread the word and report it to Facebook. Scamming bastards.