Watch the livestream above!

NEED to hit the ground running today – livestream tonight!

First up is a Zoom guitar lesson – a slide masterclass for one of my students.

Next, I needto finish a wee video promo for Smokehead and tonight’s livestream featuring an instrumental I’ve bene working on. Have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I post it round all the usual social media and push on with all the other ‘on-the-day’ promo.

After lunch I start pulling together logo ideas for my forthcoming Cookin’ Up The Blues music and food livestream series….starts next Monday (24 August) and I need to get some plans in place!!!

Once I have a design I like I make up the graphics for the intro, changeover and closing screens for tonight’s livestream…the closing screen needs to trail Cookin’ Up The Blues.

Most of the gear is ready for tonight’s livestream – there’s some lighting tweaks and a couple more instruments needing soundcheck….come 8pm we’re ready to go live. All goes grand. I think using the PA for ‘live sound’ works well and we have a blast.

By 10pm we’re back in the house having dinner then we crash…