Wee video I made to mark the launch of Smokehead’s Rum Rebel Islay single malt whisky…

I’M in the village shop for an eight-hour shift late, so lots to get done before I go.

First up, I need to log donations/tips from last night’s livestream and send out thank yous. Once done, I take some blueberries I picked ealier and some other stuff along too Betty and Joe.

Back in the studio, I re-edit the Smokehead video I made to promote the livestream into a more general video to showcase the soundtrack – and also my video production! See above or click here.

Suddenly it’s time for lunch, then I make up some sandwiches and stuff top get me through and eight-hour, solo shift in the village shop.

It’s really busy in the shop, so the time goes in quick. I’m pretty pegged by the time I get home and have some dinner and an early night.