Quite a queue to get into Costco!

WE’RE up early and off into Glasgow. Margaret has a hair appointment int he city centre.

I drop her off then hit go for the shopping. Tesco first, then Costco…there’s a huge queue to get into Costco – easily the longest I’ve seen since lockdown, but it moves at a reasonable speed and I only have to wait 15/20 minutes.

Last stop is Chung Ying where I pick up some Korean rice cakes and a slab of pork belly. I’m just leaving when Margaret calls to say she’s finished at the hairdresser. I pick her up and we head home.

We have some lunch then I wrap the pork belly in tin foil and put it in the oven to slow cook for a couple of hours while I get on with some work.

Keiran comes by to pick me up – he needs me to helps shift a bench he’s built – and when I get home, Margaret’s taken the pork belly out the oven. It needs to stay tightly wrapped and allowed to cool, then it’ll goi int he fridge before being sliced up tomorrow, it can then be cooked for a second time, this time in soy, ginger, garlic, chilli and a wee bit sugar to caramelise the slices ready to be put in steamed bar buns with some hot sin sauce and quick pickled cucumbers.

Once again I’d hope to go out a walk but I run out of time – and it’s been pouring rain. Now it’s time to go along to Betty and Joe’s for some dinner…