Nice spread in The Daily Record about my upcoming Cookin’ Up the Blues series…click the pic to read it.

THERE’S a load of things needing done before I give a mid-morning Skype guitar lesson.

The Daily Record has a nice spread about may Cookin’ Up The Blues livestream series which kicks off on Monday.

Not much time to do any prep for the show tho’ – I need to set up a domain name, email accounts and a holding page for a pal’s new business. Once that’s done there’s some more web updates for the Rab Noakes website which I get done before lunch.

We’ve not long eaten when Catriona, Freya and Aaron arrive. They’re coming for the night and I’ve planned Catriona’s favourite mushroom risotto for dinner later.

My to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter but by 6pm I’ve had enough and go for an hour’s wander up the lochside.

Back home, the kids are sleeping, I start the risotto and we have a nice relaxing evening.