Steamed bao buns with twice-cooked caramelised pork belly and quick-pickled cucumbers for lunch 🙂

WE’RE all up at reasonable time and have sausage , egg and cheese muffins for breakfast.

I print off some online postage for merch orders and take the packages to the post-box…and drop off some mushroom risotto for Betty and Joe.

Back home I get busy in the studio editing up another recipe for Monday’s livestream and trying to put together an intro sequence for the show.

Mid-afternoon we’re getting hungry. I left a couple of bits of pork belly in the fridge rather than freeze it all and make us steamed bao buns for a late lunch. id forgotten how good these are!

Then it’s back into the studio to try and organise more stuff for the livestream. It’s all a bit chaotic and I haven’t really got a solid plan together for the first episode.

I marinade a piece of flank steak and prepare a sweet potato for the air fryer then get the charcoal and grill ready for the steak. It’s Margaret’s birthday tomorrow (Sunday), but we’re having her birthday meal, a few drinks and a film tonight.

We wake up on the sofa at 5am!