I HAVE a full shift in the shop this afternoon/tonight, so need to try and get everything done super quick this morning.

PRS members’ fund HQ haven’t uploaded all the info I need to prepare for a few calls, so I get in touch with them and explain what I need. There is compete info for one of them, though, so I get on the case…this one takes a bit longer than usual!

I’d hoped to get a walk before lunch and making a ‘packed dinner’ for later in the shop, but I’m snowed under with things needing done. The list just seems to keep growing!

My shift in the shop is pretty relentless and I’m knackered when I get home soon after 10pm. Margaret’s hung off having dinner, ’til I get in. We eat and chill for an hour or so then bed. Another alcohol-free day! I’m quiet pleased with myself – for despite not feeling nay better for managing about 15 alcohol-free days over the last three weeks, some the health reports on my phone – via the Apple Watch – show some startling statistics. I don’t know how it knows when I’ve not been drinking, but the relation ship between some of the stats and alcohol-free days is a bit of a wake-up call about what’s going on behind the scenes!