Nice flames from the firebowl while I grill the Vietnamese beef…

I HAVE a bit of a scramble to clear the decks and get into the studio for a Skype guitar lesson.

While setting up, a message comes in from my student saying he has to cancel and can he carry the lesson over to next week.

I’m up to my ass, so it’s no bad thing – I’ve some ‘meeting’ calls to make and it’d be good to get them out the way now rather than leave them, ’til the last minute. Just as well I do, for although I get most of them done, I’m asked to do one mid-afternoon.

Margaret drops me in the village to pick up a prescription and I walk back home in time for lunch then have the remaining ‘meeting’. That lets me get all the resulting paperwork out the way before close of play and it’s all sent off in good time for Monday’s deadline.

I marinade a piece of flank steak for tonight’s Vietnamese beef and slice up another piece to go in ziplock bags with a terriyaki marinade to make some jerky tomorrow.

In the studio I take some time out okay guitar then head back to the house and make dinner. We get a nice fire going in the firebowl and eat outside then sit and enjoy a few glasses of red and a dram.