Margaret got a water circle for Freya to play with in the garden….

AFTER breakfast in the garden Margaret drops me at Martyn’s to pick the ‘Dave Arcari’ snoods he picked up from Kenny yesterday.

I help him move a big steel cupboard and a safe form his van down the garden studio, chat a while then walk back home in the sunshine.

Catriona, Freya and Aaron have arrived when I get back and we spend a while sitting in the garden chatting then I have a sandwich and take some snaps of Freya playing in the water. Margaret got hold of some kind of contraption like a big rubber ring with holes in that attaches to the hose…looks like fun for kids!

I go to the studio and select some of the photos and get a wee bit of work done before dozing on the couch while Freya watches stuff on her iPad.

Once the kids are settled I crack open a beer and start making Bo Kho (a Vietnamese beef dish) for dinner – a special request from Catriona…we eat, chat, enjoy a glass of wine and have an early-ish night.