Episode two of Cookin’ Up The Blues…teriyaki chicken, mushroom risotto and some live music. Click above to watch 🙂

MAIN focus today is promo for this evening’s Cookin’ Up The Blues livestream.

I adapt a few promo videos and spread them about online then prepare for a Zoom slide guitar class with one of my students.

The class goes good then I film md record a short promo for my appearance at the ‘virtual’ Harvest Time Blues Festival this coming Sunday – 9.25pm (UK time) on the festival’s YouTube channel.

As usual, I spend an inordinate amount of time putting the promo together – worth it, though…a lot of folks it’ll be pitched to won’t know me or my music. I send it off to the festival folks.

The Morf ‘special edition’ Dave Arcari snoods need photographed for the online store. We’ve not announced them yet but they’re available now if anyone wants a sneak preview 😉

By 6pm there’s still a fair bit of prep to do for my 8pm go-live with Cookin’ Up the Blues. All goes relatively to play, tho’…and the livestream seems to go pretty well. Watch it above – or on my Facebook page.

I’m not quite as frazzled as I was last week, but still knocked by the time we sit down for dinner.