Looking forward to playing a set for Monaghan’s Harvest Time Blues Festival on Sunday evening at 9.25pm…

MY monthly eNewsletter is normally prepared in advance, but 1 September crept up quickly and quietly!

Before putting the eNewsletter together I need to get the special edition snoods up for sale in the online shop.

Once done, I get the eNewsletter written, designed and sent out. Orders start coming in immediately;y for the snoods…and one design is sold out in ten minutes! Actually, it’s oversold as. I messed up the stock control numbers in the web shop set up. I let the folks who’ve ordered non-existent product that there’s more on order and give them the choice of hanging on or a refund.

Meantime, the successful orders all need packed and first class postage printed out so I can get them to the postbox in the village before the last post collection at midday.

I start a shift in the shop at 2pm and want to get all my thank yous out to folks who contributed to Cookin’ Up The Blues last night. I like to keep a log of them too.

There’s a bit of a rush to make lunch – a poke bowl with brown rice and prawns – and a sandwich and coffee to take to the shop to get me through an eight-hour shift.

I’m back home soon after 10pm and have a snack, watch some telly then crash.