I enjoy a walk up the lochside at dusk

A BIT of a rush to get out the shower and have breakfast before hitting the studio for a Skype session with one of my guitar students.

All works fine and my student is making good progress.

There’s some more work to be done promoting my livestream slot (Sunday, 9.25pm) with the Harvest Time Blues Festival.

My interest-free e-bike loan from the Energy Savings Trust has been approved, so I can pay the deposit on a new bike and complete the (significant amount!) of paperwork. All going to plan I should have the bike by the end of the year. Seems a long wait, but it’s worth it to get the bike I want and not make do with something else.

Not sure why, but mid-afternoon I’m knackered – I go back to the house and fall asleep on the couch for half an hour!

Back in the studio I work on some graphics for Cookin’ Up The Blues. My pal Rob in the Netherlands knocked up a cool wee cartoon and while it’s too late to change the main logo, I’d like to incorporate the new image in some social media content.

I don’t realise the time and nip out for a quick walk up the lochside before it gets too dark. It’s kind nice going out at this time.

Margaret’s got dinner ready when I get back and we have a chilled night with a few glasses of red and some films on the telly.