A nice morning for a few hours’ walk and blether…

BEFORE breakfast I get busy refunding ticket payments for the February Salford show which was cancelled just days after re-organising for the third time 🙁

I’m just finishng breakfast when Martyn rolls up and we go for a few hours’ walk and chat.

There’s a bunch fo prep to do for tonight’s livestream for Ireland’s Harvest The Blues Festival –my ‘slot’ is at 9.25pm, but I still need to make up a setlist and, of course, do some online promo.

It’s a nice day, though, so before hitting the studio I help Margaret clean the windows. House and office. What a difference. Better, quicker and cheaper than using a window cleaner!

I also take the opportunity to get the drone up and grab some mages I need for a forthcoming project. Although it’s good flying conditions, a propeller problem means I have to cut the shoot short. TI he drone gets back safely, but looks like I need to do some propeller surgery.

Once the set and promos done, need to get the sound and camera set up for the livestream show. Everything’s looking and working good so I go back to the house and make some mushroom risotto.

We’re back in the studio in good time to finalise the livestream set up, but just as we’re about to go live trip over a camera cable and we loose the camera on screen. Shit! Lots off scrabbling to re-connect and set up the stream from scratch… and I get going right on cue. or so. think. I’m half a song in when Margaret comes through in a panic. There’s no sun on the stream. Fuck. No option but to stop, attempt to fix and get going again ASAP.

Than fully manage to do all that n a few minuets and soon we’re back online. Doesn’t seem to have caused too much of a hiatus or problem and the rest of the stream goes well.