Episode three…a bit of a clusterfuck…but fun!

GOT a busy day ahead….but plans are thrown into disarm when a crown from my upper left molar comes out.

I call the dentist and manage to get an appointment later on. They’re not sure they can do anything as there are restrictions on what they can and can’t do/use because of covid.

In the studio I prepare for a Zoom guitar lesson with one of my students. Once done, I do a bit of promo for tonight’s (Monday) livestream episode of Cookin’ Up the Blues then take some stuff along to Betty and Joe.

There’s still a load of video editing to be done for the livestream – plus some kind of loose script prompts…and the studio needs set up from scratch. The set up for last night’s concert livestream for Harvest Time Blues Festival is complete;y different from Cookin’ Up The Blues which is shot using green screen.

I have a quick lunch then get the bus to the village. My dentist appointment isn’t for another ½-hour, but the buses here are few and far between. I go for a walk to take up the slack time.

The dentist can’t use air or water, so can’t re-fit my crown. Instead, he puts in a temporary dressing and sticks my name on the waiting list for treatment when the covid restrictions allow.

It’s a good five-mile walk home – there’s no buses for ages – and I need to get a move on ‘cos our pal Keiran is coming to fit our doorbell and go through some cladding options with Margaret for the final phase of hall repairs.

Once that’s all clear I’m back in the studio doing all the pre-production for the livestream…and I’m running out of time.

Things are a bit frantic as I throw up cameras, lights and try to get things rolling for 8pm. As it happens, the livestream is a few minutes late starting and in my haste, one of the microphones isn’t set up which causes a wee bit of a hiccup. I’m hoping the chaos adds to the entertainment value!

It’s a bit stressful and I’m frazzled by the time it’s finished.

Then it’s back to the house, a late dinner, some more work and bed soon after midnight.