FIRST job after breakfast is sorting out our security cameras…the new doorbell has a camera, so it means one of the front cameras can be repositioned which will give us full coverage all round the house 🙂

There’s list of ‘thank you’ messages to be sent out to folks who contributed to last night’s Cookin’ Up The Blues livestream and I upload a version to my YouTube channel…only to be advised there’s a copyright dispute over the music used. It’s all my own, original music and performed by myself. YouTube’s content ID has got something. very wrong here, so I immediately kick off the counter-claim process. FFS!

I have a whole load of musical ideas I wanna try and start putting down, but I need to get the software sampler, libraries, keyboard and recording software all working together which proves a little harder than it should be and is a real time-sucker. I’m working with a trial version of a sound library to see if it’s gonna be any help/use. If it is, I’ll buy it, but it’s gonna have to prove it’s potential before I even consider it.

I take a break from the studio and go a walk. After just ten minutes the rain starts…not too bad, though, so I continue my ramble and listen to a marketing podcast as I go.

When I get home, Margaret’s back from Glasgow and has picked up another batch of Morf snoods – the initial batch sold out in about ten minutes! There’s a few orders that sneaked in because I messed up the initial stock control, so I packeting them up and get them ready for first class post in the morning.

I’m using shop-bought frozen rice cakes for tonight’s tteotbokki…and I take it easy on the gochujang hot chilli paste. I’ve made this dish four or five times now and it’s either been too hot or my home-made rice cakes have been a bit crap. Tonight, I finally get it right and Margaret actually likes it!

After dinner, there’s a load more work to be done as I spent so long working on the audio tech during the day. I manage to get finished by midnight.