IT takes almost of the morning to print postage and pack all the snood and other merch orders…but I can’t complain, as it’s great to have had so much interest in them 🙂

I’m in the middle of making lunch – steamed bao buns with twice-cooked caramelised pork belly and quick-pickled cucumbers – when Arthur pops in with some stuff needing scanned for the local community trust. He has a coffee while we eat lunch then Margaret drops me off in the next village to deliver a package while she takes the rest to the post office.

I walk home and enjoy the exercise and fresh air then nip along to Betty and Joe’s to see if I can sort out Joe’s laptop which won’t switch on. I get it going but it’ll probably need a bit more work to get it working more efficiently.

Back home I hit the studio and do a little work on a song idea then deal with some more merch orders that have come in.

Sandy drops into chat about some local goings on and we have a few glasses of red and catch up. It’s after 9.30pm when he leaves and I still have to get dinner made. Red beans and rice. It’s nearly 11pm when we have dinner!