AFTER breakfast we spend some time putting the blinds back up in the hall/conservatory.

There has to be a wee bit jiggery pokery as the new windows are different, but we get them to fit and they look fine. The two front windows each side of our front door aren’t quite as straightforward tho’. Margaret’s ordered some frames in the hope we can fit them directly to the windows.

In the studio I do some more work on Cookin’ Up The Blues then do a little work on a music production idea I wanna develop.There’s a few technical things I need to get to grips with and also some research to be done.

Plans for a walk are ditched as the weather’s so bad then Matty arrives late afternoon. He’s here for the night then Catriona, Will and the kids are coming for a late lunch tomorrow for Will’s birthday.

We have a beer and blether then I get tonight’s Vietnamese beef on the go.

Suddenly it’s after midnight and we decide it’s time for bed.