THERE’S a fair amount of work to get done before Catriona, Will and the kids come for a late lunch as a pre-cursor celebration for Will’s birthday.

I manage to get through it all and have a little time to spare for a walk up the lochside. It’s raining a bit, but I’m keen to get some fresh air and exercise while I can.

When I get back Catriona and Will have only just arrived and Matty’s back from a run. We all hang out and chat while Margaret finishes off lunch then we all sit down for roast beef and all the trimmings.

It’s a nice chilled afternoon. once everyone’s headed home I go back to the studio and do a little more work. There’s some guitar lesson’s to set up for a student in Texas – then a quick livestream to promote tomorrow’s (Monday) Cookin’ Up The Blues...episode four already! I aim to be a little more prepared than I was last week!

We ate so much lid-afternoon that neither of us are particularly hungry so we just have a snack then settle down to watch our pal Bill’s weekly livestream concert form Florida.