Cookin' Up The Blues episode 4

Episode four of Dave Arcari's Cookin; Up The Blues sereis sees him serve up a fishy dish and something for the vegetarians along with some chat, laughs and a few songs…Donations –

Posted by Dave Arcari on Monday, 14 September 2020
Episode four of Cookin’ Up The Blues…Asian-inspired salmon and salt & pepper tofu…

COOKIN’ Up the Blues episode four tonight (Monday), so lots off ‘on the day’ promo to be done.

There’s also a load of prep for tonight’s livestream – I don’t wanna be caught short like last week!

I spend the day on that and also merch orders then finally manage to get a walk up the lochside leaving plenty time spare to set up the techie elements of the livestream.

Of course, despite all the prep and going live right on 8pm, there’s a few technical ical anomalies…one of the recipe videos is ‘stuck’ and needs re-sourced…and there’s a na audio problem with echos and missing audio souces. Ah well…

Other that these minor technical hiccups it goes OK and by 9.30pm we’re sitting align dinner and relaxing for a wee while in front of the telly.