I’VE another shift in the village shop later today, so need to get through my to-do list.

Top item is fixing Joe’s laptop – it’s been running slow and is really clogged up with stuff. I start backing up his hard drive and get on with some other work.

Once the hard drive is backed up I restart the laptop in recovery mode, erase the hard drive and set it to install a clean, update operating system. Might take some time.

Margaret’s in Glasgow and gonna pick up some shopping so I make up a meal plan for the next week and a list to send her.

There’s still time for a quick walk then I have lunch and make some sandwiches to take me through my shift in the shop.

As usual I’m home just after 10pm. Margaret’s got dinner ready and after we eat I do a little more work then watch the second episode in the three part ‘Des’ dramatisation about the conviction of serial killer Denis Nilsen. The final part will have to wait as I’m knackered…