I find this huge porcini mushroom on our walk!

AFTER breakfast I hit the studio then Margaret. alls me to say Mikey and Harriet are leaving, but before they go can I set up a mailbox on Mikey’s phone.

Back at the house I create the email account and get it all set up…they head off and I go to meet Martyn for a walk.

We have a grand gander and blether and find some interesting mushrooms along the way – including the giant porcini in the pic above.

It’s mid-afternoon when I get back home and I’m hungry. After something to eat we chill for a wee while then I get the ladders out to investigate the roof. We’ve had a damp-looking (and smelling!) patch on our bedroom ceiling for a while.

Margaret checked thew attic and couldn’t see/find any problem and I don’t see any issues with the roof tiles. Mmmm….

I go back to the studio and do a little more work before lighting some charcoal for the grill…we have a couple of burgers left over from last night. We check out the giant mushroom but, as I expected, it’s not in great shape – the stem is starting to rot and when I cut into the main body it’s infested with bugs, maggots and – as Margaret said – “a wee wriggly worm thing”!

Ah well, better luck next time.

We have dinner watching Bill Mullen’s weekly livestream concert from Florida then turn in for an early-ish night.