Episode five of Cookin Up The Blues – some breakfast treats and live tunes…

MONDAY – that means a load of promo and prep work for this evening’s livestream episode of Cookin’ Up the Blues.

There’s some editing and notes to be done, but the main task is spreading the word.

Following my decision to move the ‘concert’ livestreams to Zoom with limited, ticketed ‘places’ I need too get everything in place so I can promote it on tonight’s show.

That means setting up events, ticketing, creating graphics and links…it’s new territory for me as I need to explore the options on Zoom and how to integrate it with my ticketing platform (Eventbrite). Get the lowdown and book your space here…numbers limited to 20 per session!

I get on top of things and manage to get out for a wee walk in the forest before I need to start getting the studio ready for the livestream.

Episode five goes a bit more smoothly than some of the previous Cookin’ Up the Blues livestreams, but it’s still nerve-wracking!

Back in the house I make some mushroom risotto then we watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It’s been a controversial documentary, but nothing new in there for me…however, it does highlight a need for the big social media companies to make some changes in approach as I can see the potential detrimental effect on future generations.