Pretty pleased with the print of my ‘dusk over the loch’ photo 🙂

A BIT of a scrabble to get sorted this morning – we both have eye test appointments at the optician’s in Glasgow.

No major change in eyesight for either of us and we’re back home by lunchtime.

I need to trim the print of my panoramic ‘dusk over the islands’ photo to first the space on the studio wall..then we put some velcro fasteners on the back and stick it up. Quite pleased how it turned out.

Having got the wireless camera tethering system to work, I use it to take a bunch of selfies wearing a snood in different ways. hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to work on the images and post round social media.

The day has passed awful quick but there’s still enough daylight for a walk.

I stop in to get Margaret at Betty and joe’s and we enjoy a couple of glasses of red.

When we get home I make carnitas with some leftover pork shoulder. While the pork;s cooking in the Instant Pot I make some tortillas with a mixture of blue and yellow corn masa and a red onion, chilli and tomato salsa.

It’s late when they’re ready but the result is amazing…on a par with some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had (from a taco van in LA!)

My first attempt at carnitas…mind-blowing!