An unintentional selfie turns out quite a nice pic!

I HAVE a fair bit of work to get through before an 11am Skype lesson with one of my students in Ireland.

Like all my current students, he’s making good progress an building an arsenal of techniques and knowledge that will let him play whatever he like in the medium/long term. I think this is a much better approach than teaching specific songs or ‘riffs’ to be learnt parrot-fashion.

The afternoon is spent in the studio messing with a song arrangement. I’m trying to re-invent a few of my songs and arrange/perform them completely differently. I have a plan 😉

I select a bunch of the selfies I took yesterday to show the versatility of the snoods – they’re quite amusing, especially the one of me wearing it ‘balaclava style’! I post galleries and links round social media.

Next, I put together and send out an eNewsletter to give folks on my mail list the heads up on next month’s Zoom sessions. I need to make sure both sessions are sold out.

Messing around with the Case Air wireless tethering gizmo for the camera, I take a selfie and quite like the resulting image…I wasn’t intending to take a ‘proper’ photo, but I like the vibe of it so much I use it as the cover/banner image on my personal Facebook page!

Then it’s time for a well-earned walk and some fresh air. I spend an hour or so wandering up and down the lochside then go home and start making the jambalaya…