Dinner and the big screen under the stars :-0

CATRIONA, Freya and Aaron arrive not long after we’ve finished breakfast.

After taking some jambalaya to Betty and Joe’s, I hit the studio and get some work done – mostly promo stuff for October’s Zoom sessions.

I spend some time with Catriona and the kids then get back onto some work. National Reso-Phonic drop me a message asking if I can send them a video of a song, so I grab the guitar and take some selfie-footage of Cherry Wine. I edit and send it off.

There’s some snoods and mercy to be packed up and sent. After printing the postage I drop them int he post box and have a walk for half an hour.

Back home I rig up a screen by the smoker/BBQ shelter and set top the projector…we’re having grilled flank steak later and I thought it’d be fun to have it outside by the fire pit with a bottle of red and watch something on the big screen.

The flank steak is the best I’ve done yet. The fire pit keeps the chill at bay and we have an amazing night watching the big screen under the stars.