AFTER short lie-in we have breakfast then I meet Martyn for a walk.

Our Sunday wanders give us both a chance to air our frustrations about support for the creative industries through lockdown and the difficulties we face. And potential solutions. It’s therapy.

After some lunch I hit the studio and edit up the pre-recorded video for tomorrow’s (Monday) Cookin’ Up the Blues livestream on my Facebook page. It’s normally done over Friday/Saturday, but I;ve not had time so have to tackle it all in a one-er. It’s a good three hours’ work.

Once done, I go back to the house and we stack a load of wood – kindly sent from Betty and Joe – in the woodshed.

Margaret’s on dinner duties tonight, so I go back to the studio and get some work done, finishing up in time to enjoy Donner and watch our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.