I repurpose the quick video I made of Cherry Wine for National Reso-Phonic and upload it to my YouTube channel

THERE’S some merch to be packed up and taken to the postbox to make sure I don’t miss the last post from the village.

The weather is fair so I take the chance to put the drone up and grab some photos for a proposal Margaret’s putting together on behalf of the local community trust.

I get to work on a photo job from Betty – there’s a fair bit of scanning, image adjustment and retouching to be done.

There’s some follow up to be done after last night’s livestream…then I upload an edit of the Cherry Wine video I recorded for National Reso-Phonic to my YouTube channel. I also upload a copy of last night’s Cookin’ Up the Blues livestream.

Eventually there’s time to head out for a walk and a wee livestream update to my Facebook page and profile from the lochside.

I’m trying to help out a local pal with their sluggish internet connect and drop off some gear which, sadly, doesn’t help…back to the drawing board.

Back home, dinner is black pepper tofu…then an early night…